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Welcome to Water-Tanks.net

Standard water tanks - 75 to 25,000 litresBaffled water tanks - ideal for car valeters and window cleanersUnderground tanks - standard drainage

Insulated water tanksOpen top tanks - smooth sides and soft edgesPotable tanks - WRAS approved for drinking water

Ideal for car valeting or window cleaning

1850 litre insulated tank
Winter water storage tank

This is your one stop shop for all your water storage tanks. We have a wide range of tanks in stock from 5 litre up to 25,000 litre. Our most popular is the 1000 litre water tanks. We also make bespoke tanks from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), this means we can manufacture a tank specific to your needs. For more information please email here. Read about water tanks.



Water Tank Facts

  • Our water tanks are made from the highest quality polymer.
  • Our water tanks can be made in many different colours
  • All our water tanks are UK Made

Useful Links

UK made Water Tanks
Quality made Water tanks made in UK.

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater harvesting information and help downloads. Selection of water tanks and rainwater harvesting products.

Gardening information with online gardening shop.

Home and garden products from Water Butts to Bathrooms.

Water butts
Water butts of all different shapes and sizes.

Water Pumps
General duty water pumps ideal for a wide range of domestic and light commercial pumping applications.

Water Tanks
Water storage tanks from ecosure.

Potable Water Tanks

Rainwater Tanks

Water Tank


800 Litre Water Butt

Helpful Information


Water tanks direct to your door

Insulated Water Tanks


1100 Litre Insulated Water Tank

400 Litre Water Tanks Water Tanks

This new water tank from Ecosure is available in multiple colours and variants. The tank comes pre-moulded with a 1" BSP which is ideal for connecting a brass tap to or hose connector to.

400 Litre Water Tanks

400 Litre Water Butts

Large Water Tanks

NEW Ecosure 3800 Litre Water Tank

Ecosure have now released their new line of large water tanks ideal for collecting rainwater, sizes listed below:

Meet the Slimlines NEW Slimline Water Butts

We are proud to announce Ecosure's Slimline Water Butts/Tanks. Available in 500 Litres (100 Gallons) or 1050 Litres (231 Gallons). These slimline tanks are ideal for sliding behind sheds or greenhouses.

Available in three different styles and various colours, the slimline water butts are the ideal garden water storage.

View the Slimline Water Butts Here

280 ltr Water Butts + FREE Down pipe Diverter

280 ltr Garden Water Butt + Downpipe Diverter
Click for information on the 280 Water Butt

Water Butts /Water Tanks
1050 Litre
+ FREE Downpipe Diverter

1050Ltr Water Butt - FREE TAP KIT
Click for information on the 1050 Water Tank

Here at water-tanks.net we also have a large selection of water pumps including Submersible Water Pumps, Petrol Driven Water Pumps, Diesel Driven Water Pump, Borehole Water Pumps, Booster & Centrifugal Pumps, Stainless Steel Water Pumps, Sewage Water Pumps, Salt Water Pumps and Swimming Pool Pumps

Rainwater Harvesting

We have all different types of tanks for many different uses. These include storing water, oil and chemicals. Our tanks are mostly made of MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) and some of the larger industrial tanks are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) these are both strong durable materials that are perfect for storing water in.

Water Filters

Go Large!
We now have a larger selection of water tanks including

We also have a 72,000 Litre water storage tank as this tank is extremely large, it is not held in stock and requires a longer wait. If you wish to receive more information on the 72,000 Litre water tanks then please call: 0871 200 2082.

For anymore information on these or any other water tanks then please call: 0871 200 2082

Ecosure Underground Water Tanks

Ecosure Underground Water Tanks

Available in:
1100 Litre Underground Water Tank
1950 Litre Vertical Underground Water Tank
2800 Litre Vertical Underground Water Tank
3500 Litre Underground Water Tank
5000 Litre Underground Water Tank
7000 Litre Underground Water Tank

Click for more information on Rainwater Harvesting

Water Butts

Collect and re-use rainwater.

Keep your garden well watered this Summer by storing rainwater then re-using it on your garden. No matter what size garden you have we have the ideal size water butt for you.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of water tanks for all different types of use and with a variety of sizes and literate.

Please call our hotline, and we can advise you on the water tank that is right for you.

Hotline: 0871 200 2082

Tank Types

  1. Water Butts

  2. Water Loft Tanks

  3. Rainwater Harvesting

  4. Underground Water Storage Tanks

  5. Baffled Water Tanks

  6. Cone-bottom Tanks

99% of the Water Tanks are Designed & Manufactured in UK

100% of the Water Tanks are Designed & Manufactured in UK

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ISO 9001:2008 tanks

Etills Ltd has been assessed and approved according to quality management system ISO 9001:2008; the manufacture and supply of rotationally moulded plastic tanks.

8500 Litre Water Tank
8500 Litre Water Tank
View water tank


10000 Litre Water Tank

View water tank

Rainwater Harvesting System
Easy HYDRO Rainwater Harvesting System 3500 litre
View Rainwater Harvesting System

Tank Clearance Corner
400 litre water tank
See all tanks

Underground Water Tank Offer

View Water Butt Special Offers

Ecosure 1275 Litre Water Tank
Ecosure 1275 Litre Water Butt
View 1275 Litre Water Tank

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